Terms of Service


  • Billing is done the first business day of the month for the month, payable by 11th of the month.
  • There will be a late fee assessed when account is 30 days overdue of $10 late fee /month
  • $30 Reconnection Fee to restore account, and account must be paid in full.
  • Credit Card or Bank Draft can be run the 1st, 3rd, or 15th of the month

Terms & Conditions

  • Service plans require a 12 month term agreement. An early termination charge of $12.00/month will apply for the remainder of the contract term.
  • Service speeds are based upon maximum connectivity rates which are categorized as “best effort” and may vary. Service speed will not exceed the service rate purchased.
  • Service eligibility is based on line of sight and signal quality from the customers location to Complete Computers base station.
  • Wireless service is based on signal quality which can be affected by foliage, tree growth, buildings, hills, as well as other environmental, natural obstacles, and/or construction that could impede the service to the customer location. Wireless signal levels can also change over time based upon but not limited to these factors, and customer understands that these factors are outside the control or responsibility of Complete Computers
  • Service may not be available for all locations in the area. Complete Computers will advise customer if service is available based on location.

Installation Terms & Conditions

  • Customer understands that service requires the installation and attachment of antenna(s) and hardware to the exterior and interior of the residence which will be used to provide wireless Internet service to the location.
  • Customer understands that the installation and attachment of antenna(s) and hardware to the exterior and interior of the residence will require drilling and bolting of hardware to the residence to secure the required hardware and antenna(s).
  • Installation charges outlined above includes the installation of antenna(s) and standard building mount on the customer’s residence.
  • The installation charges will also include the physical network connection from the antenna(s) to the designated location inside the residence for the Internet connection.
  • Customer will provide electricity at the interior installation point for the installed hardware.
  • Customer hardware configurations (WiFi routers, or other hardware) outside the scope of providing service, or computer related issues that affect the customer’s ability to access the Internet will be at the customer’s responsibility or will be handled outside the scope of normal installation and will be billed at additional cost.
  • Installation as outlined above does not cover “special” installations that require the installation of towers, poles or external hardware on the customer’s property for service. These installations will be quoted and billed separately at additional cost.
  • Installation is classified as a taxable service, applicable taxes will be applied to installation invoice.

Equipment Rental

  • Antenna(s) and mounting hardware included above is and will remain the property of Complete Computers during and after the expiration of service.
  • Complete Computers will maintain antenna(s) hardware and will be allowed to remove installed antenna(s) and mounting hardware from the customers residence in the event that service is no longer subscribed by the customer.

Complete Computers reserves the right to change or modify content of this document at any time.